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Consumption habits and sports routines have changed a lot after the two years of pandemic that we have lived worldwide. This has meant, for example, that although for two years people have become accustomed to carrying out many activities at home, their desires have been to finally be able to go outside to enjoy nature.

Therefore, since the end of last 2021 and now that we are in the middle of 2022, we have seen a very high rise in the purchase of products related to outdoor sports, i.e. outdoors. Outdoor activities are booming, and we have all been eager to go hiking, running, camping and, in general, enjoy the beautiful landscapes that populate the entire world.

How has this increase in the purchase of products related to the outdoor world affected the economy of the companies that are dedicated to it? Logically, it has meant a profound change in these companies, the stocks when investing in them and also the dividends for the partners who once trusted in the activity related to the sport.

Therefore, we are going to tell you which are the most important companies related to the outdoor field, and some interesting information about their growth in the last months and also if the dividends of these companies have been rising.

Outdoor companies whose stock has improved in the last year

According to statistics and data from some of the companies that do this, such as MarketBeat, there are several U.S. companies whose numbers have varied greatly as the pandemic has begun to loosen and outdoor time has been lengthening.

If you’re outdoorsy folks, you’re probably interested in learning about some of these names, and how their stocks and dividends are growing exponentially during this year 2022:

The Winnebago Group

Winnebago (NYSE:WGO) is a large company dedicated to the sale of motorhomes, and has benefited greatly from the events that have unfolded over the past two years. While global travel is still struggling, many nature and outdoor adventure enthusiasts have turned to RV travel.

This trend in consumption and leisure is set to continue, and the results on an economic level have been immediate: in the last quarter of 2020, revenues rose by 35%. In addition, the order backlog increased by 313%, while the payout ratio rose to 10% and the CAGR to 37%. This promises that by 2022, the company's dividends will have grown enormously.

Thor's industry

Another company dedicated to manufacturing and selling vehicles for enjoying the outdoors is Thor (NYSE:THO). Rapid growth during the late 2020s, when confinement started to become less strict, as well as throughout 2021 and so far in 2022, has led to absolute optimism for those who are currently Thor shareholders.

In case some of you are looking to invest in this type of outdoor sports company, it sure does you good to know some of these facts: earnings have increased over the last year due to cost leverage. In figures, orders increased by 195% over the previous year and this behavior has been fixed for the last nine years, and it can be fully expected that this 2022, the tenth, the earnings behavior will be the same.

The improvement of Camping World

It is also interesting to know how a company like Camping World (NYSE:CWH) has evolved. Its business scope is not only vehicles related to nature, but also accommodation and activities for weekends or complete vacations in forests and different green areas.

Experts in the investment world not only predict that this first moment after the pandemic is good for all companies involved in outdoor sports, but that this good moment will last for decades. This growth will be, in particular, 30 to 40% in terms of compound annual growth rate.

American Outdoor and its actions over the past year

Shooting sports have also experienced strong growth after the two tumultuous years of the pandemic. This is evidenced by the performance of American Outdoor's (NYSE:AOUT) revenues as well as its shares.

The estimated increase in revenue at the end of 2021 was 65.7%. And the fact is that online sales have played a very important role in this increase, which have become a benchmark in consumption not only in the sports area, but also in many other areas.

People have preferred to make leisure plans in open spaces, and that is why the different types of outdoor sports have had this advantage. And this is also the reason for e-commerce purchases, precisely to avoid closed places at a time when the pandemic was still raging. As a result, shares in the American Outdoor company are some of the most traded, and in all likelihood this will continue to be the case for at least the next year.

Garmin GPS in 2022

Everyone who is close to the world of investments knows perfectly well the influence that technology has had in recent years. So do people who are fond of sports, and is that all electronic devices that help to locate or monitor our outdoor activity, are the order of the day.

That is why companies like Garmin (NYSE:GRMN) are at an excellent time to invest in them. The data are very optimistic, and there is talk of a 2% return on its shares and there is also some expectation that dividends will continue to grow.

Johnson Outdoors

One of the companies that suffered the most negative consequences during the pandemic, as far as the economy is concerned, was undoubtedly Johnson Outdoors (NYSE:JOUT). . They were specialized mainly in the field of fishing, but they have been able to open their market more and include all kinds of electronic products for outdoor sports.

That is why already at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 their sales started to grow. In addition, Johnson Outdoors stock trades around 17 times last year's earnings, and dividends have also remained strong and are likely to continue to grow for the remainder of the year.

Acushnet Holdings

Finally, mention should also be made of the exponential growth shown by Acushnet Holdings (NYSE:GOLF), one of the most famous golf products companies in the country. Although golf has always been a sport practiced by many people, the truth is that after the pandemic its success has risen enormously and the companies dedicated to it have enjoyed it.

It is a good time to invest in shares in this company, since the winter is over and the months of 2022 are expected to see a lot of activity in this sport.

As you can see, in general, it is a good time to consider investing in shares in companies related to outdoor sports, because the taste of many people to practice them after spending so much time at home, is being confirmed day after day.

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