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The outdoor world is changing rapidly. Our analytics will help you make the right move at the right time.


Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the main trends in our market. Both at a global and macroeconomic level as well as local economic scenarios. The objective is to solve and help our clients in their strategic and investment decisions.

The objective of these analyses is to develop knowledge that can help lead us to a new economic model that allows the sector not only to develop rural and mountain areas, but also to integrate within them in the long term, both socially and environmentally.

On this page you can download analyses of specific companies in the outdoor sector. As a company, it is important to know your competitors, their advantages and products in depth. As an investor, it is important to expand your circle of competence and look for new opportunities.

All those other useful tools beyond the other three categories. From Bitcoin to our vision of the future. From the economy and rural development to outdoor sports. A space where to mix all those non-traditional proposals that converge in the future of our sector.


Studies and ideas to learn more about the outdoor world.