Camping continues to break records according to KOA


If you read us regularly, you may have noticed something that we always tell you, and that is how the pandemic has changed the consumer habits of the vast majority of society, and this has had a direct impact on the economic activity of the brands that revolve around outdoor sports.

People, during the pandemic and in the year immediately following it, have become accustomed to making plans in outdoor locations. At first probably to enjoy free leisure without running up against restrictions, then for safety and, finally, perhaps because it had become part of their routine. The fact is that sales have only gone up for the vast majority of brands, and this data has come to us from major companies such as Vista Outdoor.

But things are different now, and an economic crisis is beginning that we don’t even know how long it will last. In the wake of the pandemic and the latest political developments, economic experts are predicting a few years of uncertainty. What will happen to outdoor sports? Will camping, for example, remain popular this year and in the years to come?

It turns out that KOA, Kampgrounds of America, has done some research and concluded that camping will continue to be popular in 2022 and beyond, regardless of the political and economic situation. Let’s tell you more about it:

What does the economic data say about this? KOA responds:

I’m sure we don’t even have to remind you of some of the events of the last year, such as the rise in gasoline prices or the increase in prices of all kinds of products. The economic experts were very clear that this was going to influence a lot when the summer arrived and people decided to start making plans.

And it has certainly influenced, as many people have resolved in KOA’s own survey that their budget is more limited and they are going to change some plans such as going away for less time or traveling closer so they don’t have to consume so much gas.

However, the data on how many people will decide to camp on their next vacation next year are more relevant to draw conclusions, and they say that the number of people camping will be similar to that of 2021: specifically 15.93 million families.

Why can it be that practically all areas and market niches have been affected by political, social and economic events, and yet camping will continue to be frequent? Logically, because despite the fact that gasoline and prices have now become more expensive, it is still one of the most economical plans. And also because according to the data that KOA provides, people who are used to camping and taking this style of travel on their vacations, are loyal and do not want to move on to another style of vacation.

If a car trip to camp in some worthwhile natural environment has gone up in price, we can reflect on how this has affected air travel, for example. We will be surprised how the difference is abysmal, and this has meant that people who were not used to taking this style of vacation have become accustomed to it for this new year.

There are also many people who have stated in the KOA survey that this year they are going to go without a vacation. Savings and the need to improve the family economy are two of the main reasons. But precisely in relation to this compensation, of all the people who are adding to the plan for the first time and those who are not going to do so, the figures remain the same as last 2021.

Brands related to outdoor sports, with excursions in natural environments and camping and enjoyment of a few days in nature are in luck, because they will continue to have a loyal audience that bets on them every year. It is simply advisable that they adapt to the novelties and the analysis of the needs that will continue to arise among customers, so that everything goes smoothly and next year they can continue to talk about their exponential economic growth.

Thank you very much for reading us one more day! We hope we have solved some of your doubts regarding camping and outdoor sports statistics. We also want to recommend that if you are thinking about camping in a good place for these next months, do it in advance because the search for good prices is also closely related to this. See you in the next post!

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