This is Clif Pet: The first dog snacks from Clif Bar


Welcome to our blog for another day! We are sure you remember that relatively recently we told you about how Mondelez International had acquired Clif Bar&Company with the aim of expanding internationally.

An energy snack brand had a lot in common with this giant company selling chocolate and cookie products. But just before that, Clif Bar had made great strides in its small extension by creating what was to be the brand’s first product that wasn’t made for humans. It’s Clif Pet, and it’s a sweet snack made for our best companions, dogs.

Would you like some more information about this amazing product for pets? How has this affected Clif Bar’s movements? Then you should stay reading, because we’re going to give you all the details!

Details about Clif Pet’s pet sticks

Clif Bar’s advertising campaigns have long had a sure idea in mind: to be a brand that goes with the whole family. Different flavors and sizes make its bars perfect for all the people who make up a family nucleus, but an important element was missing… Pets!

That’s how the idea came up to make a bar for them and share that moment with the rest of the family. Logically, with special ingredients. Clif Pet has three different recipes: sweet potato with blueberry, pumpkin with blueberry and pumpkin with apple. The product is made only from fruits and vegetables, and you can easily read all the elements that are part of the bar: seven ingredients in total.

There are many people who are used to the fact that the bars they usually buy for their dogs have even more than twenty ingredients. This is in an attempt to preserve them as long as possible, when in reality the most important thing is that they are healthy and pleasant for the dogs to enjoy.

In many of the stores where Clif Pet products have started to be sold, they have even designed a shelf where you can buy the snacks for humans and, right next to it, those for pets. However, it was important to organize it in such a way that the chocolate snacks for humans were as far away as possible from those for dogs, and that they also had a distinctive design so as not to be confused. As you probably know, chocolate can be toxic to dogs.

What were the economic reasons for this decision to clif bar?

A good business must always have, in all cases, a previous market analysis in order to make sure we know the needs of the public. And this is exactly what Clif Bar has done to create this new brand of dog bars.

The care and love for our pets has more and more intentionality behind it. It is not that a few years ago people loved their dogs less, but they had less information about how a correct care should be. Especially in relation to what care should be taken with the feeding of our companions.

Now that consumer habits tell us about a tendency to spend more time, seek more information and also invest more money in pet food, it is the moment when Clif Pet has come forward. And, in fact, the numbers completely back up the idea:

It is estimated that in the United States the pet business generically has an annual expenditure of 148 billion dollars. This includes all the products related to care, insurance, health, food in general and a long etcetera. Well, of that $148 billion, approximately $6 billion is exclusively dog snack related spending.

And is that snacks for dogs are more than just an enjoyment, as it can happen with us. Often these food products have a lot to do with their education, with their way of understanding when and why they deserve a treat and when they do not. So making the decision to invest in snack products that not only continue to fulfill their relevant functions in the dog’s life, but are also healthy, like all Clif Bar products, is certainly a good idea.

In short, being a good idea, it is clear the economic reasons that have led a brand like Clif Bar to design its new Clif Pet products. These bars are going to cost, depending on the size of the pack and the establishments around 9 dollars for the smallest portion and around 17 dollars for the largest pack, and they are also made to be soft and easy to chew.

Perhaps a few years ago the possibility of having products in common with our pets would have been a real madness. But this is starting to become customary, as is the fact that there are more and more pet-friendly restaurants and cafés, hotels where you can enjoy your vacation, and now common plans, such as going out to exercise together and then sharing a snack on the way home.

The changes in Clif Bar & Company have been enormous in recent months, and we are sure that they will continue to be carried out because they are in the process of expansion and new ramifications of their project. Of course we will keep you informed through Artiga as soon as new information arrives.

Thanks so much for reading, see you in the next post!

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