Indy Pass continues to gain ground on Ikon and Epic Pass


All lovers of the sport of skiing, and those who are not so fond of it but also practice it from time to time, have heard about the ski pass when it comes to practicing this exciting sport. And within it, they will also have heard about the famous passes to be able to access the resorts and thus enjoy the snow every year.

In skiing, as in any sport and in any other area of life, there are also large corporations that are those who have control over most ski slopes, in order to offer day passes in different resorts and places.

But there are also small companies with less power, which are beginning to compete with them to ensure many other people the possibility of skiing for cheaper prices, and in resorts that are not the most famous.

In this context we are going to talk about the Indy Pass, a strong competitor to the big ones in the industry such as the Ikon Pass and Epic Pass. Have you heard about this kind of passes? Would you like to know what are the differences between them, which companies are behind them and how they have been developing in the world of skiing in the United States?

Then read on, because we’re going to tell you all about it!


In 2019, a man named Doug Fish came up with what became known as Indy Pass, indy being the concept that marks the independent character of the whole project.

Far from trying to make ski pass offers at the most famous and crowded resorts and ski areas in the United States, this project planned a union of small resorts, or winter centers of a more family-oriented nature, away from the large masses, where the Indy Pass would serve to go skiing for two days.

These family resorts, far from the main resorts, keep their own ski passes, but in this case they accept two days of skiing to all the people who have the Indy Pass.

The difference between this pass and the other two, which we are going to talk about later, is, first of all, the price. Indy Pass is designed for all those people who want to go up more sporadically to ski, or who want to try different places without having to go to the most famous places, which are in turn the most expensive.

¿Cómo está creciendo IndyPass en estos últimos dos años?

Although this pass is apparently smaller than the other two, the truth is that during the past year 2021 it reached 66 resorts throughout the country. This means that many users can enjoy skiing somewhere close to where they live for a much more reasonable price.

During this past winter season, large and important ski resorts such as Powder Mountain in Utah, which is one of the largest in the country, became part of the IndyPass. Also Mt. Ashland in Oregon and West Mountain in New York.


Before the IconPass project went ahead, there were two large corporations in the ski scene, sharing more or less equally all the resorts and ski passes in the country. These corporations had two concepts that I'm sure if you have ever skied, you will be very familiar with: the IkonPass and the EpicPass, ski passes with which you can enter the most famous ski resorts in the United States, and in most of the world, respectively.

What was the origin of IkonPass?

The IkonPass is the more recent of the two projects, and is the brainchild of the Crown family, who own the four ski resorts in Aspen, the most visited, famous and exclusive ski area in North America.

Together with the KSL Partners corporation, owners of the famous Squaw Valley, they began to buy other small companies that owned quality resorts in the north, south, east and west and ended up creating this IkonPass concept that would allow them to enter all of them.

In total there are 23 stations included in this pass, among which there are some real sensations such as Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, California and even Canada.

What about EpicPass?

It is absolutely impossible to talk about the world of skiing without taking into account the EpicPass, which is the most complete of those that exist both in terms of the number of resorts and the fame of the places included in its card.

The operator behind this complete ski pass is Vail Resorts, and every year it updates the list of places where you can travel to practice the winter sport par excellence, but at any time of the year. In total, the list of snow resorts that are allowed to enter is 37, but other destinations that have been included during the last two years are added to it, making a total of 78 resorts.

Some of these are in the state of Minnesota, which is one of the places with the best snow quality in the world, as well as others of equal value such as Wilmot in Wisconsin and Stowe in Vermont. With the EpicPass you can even ski in Australia, at the Perisher Blue resort, and also in Canada at the famous Whistler Blackcomb.


Although it is true that the most classic corporations within the ski passes have an advantage over the new IndyPass, this one is including a type of public that can make them gain more and more ground in the coming years.

There are many people who like skiing, and even people who have never practiced it thinking that it was an activity beyond their financial means, or by location, who are going to decide to try it because of the existence of a cheaper pass and in more local ski resorts.

What about you, did you know about all these possibilities of ski passes for skiing in the United States, and even in Australia or Canada? Would you like to have the opportunity to try IndyPass? We read you!

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