Inspiration, reflection, discovery.

Books challenge our perceptions and paradigms, provoke curiosity and inspire action.

In that spirit, here is a compilation of books that provoked debates, changed the discourse and generated movements in the outdoor world and beyond. These stories made us marvel at the seemingly impossible limits of the human body and feel captivated by the wonders of nature, mobilized us to confront environmental injustice, taught us about climate change and inspired us to take our ideas to the world.

A heterogeneous mix to understand the world a little better. 


David George Haskell (2019) - Literature

James Edward Mills (Ed.2014) - Literature

Christopher McDougall (Ed.2011) - Literature

Jordan Fisher Smith (Ed.2019) - Literature

Richard Louve (Ed.2012) - Literature

Dan Fargin (Ed.2013) - Essay

Daniel Chamovitz (Ed.2019) - Biology

Jan Redford (Ed.2018) - Literature

Heather Anderson (Ed.2019) - Literature

Tommy Caldwell (Ed.2018) - Literature

Leigh Ann Henion (Ed.2015) - Literature

Bernadette McDonald (Ed.2018) - Literature

Bernadette McDonald (Ed.2019) - Literature

Jon Krakauer (Ed.2018) - Literature

Eric Shipton (Ed.2019) - Literature

Andrea Wulf (Ed.2019) - Essay

Lionel Terray (Ed.2009) - Literature

Gaston Rebuffat (Ed.2014) - Literature

Chris Diamond (Ed.2016) - Business

Chris Diamond (Ed.2019) - Business

Yvon Chouinard (Ed.2017) - Business

Bernadette McDonald (Ed.2014) - Literature

Ray Dalio (Ed.2018) - Essay

Daniel Kahneman (Ed.2013) - Psychology

Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Ed.2019) - Essay

James Dale -William Rees (Ed.2008) - Essay

Rainer Hertrich (Ed.2015) - Literature

Any recommendations?