Ski industry data

Evolution of worldwide skier visits

Although data collection within the industry is not always well-organised and yearly number of visits may vary mainly due to weather conditions, for several years the estimate has been an overall draw of approximately 400 million skier visits worldwide10. The assumption is that the total figure has been rather stable over the last 20 years, as major mature markets experienced reduced growth (when not experiencing a dramatic decline as with Japan), while other markets were emerging.

Ski resorts and infrastructure

According to the latest inventory, 5’716 ski areas have been identified worldwide (equipped outdoor ski areas covered with snow). As some only offer rudimentary equipment, with a limited number of lifts, a threshold has
been set for the purpose of this report. Those 2’084 areas that feature more than 4 lifts are qualified as ski resorts. It is estimated that the industry currently offers about 6 million commercial beds in the mountains.
These are primarily concentrated in the industrialised ski markets, which have a high volume of skier visits.

No of ski resorts in Europe


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