Are sports brands contributing to the environment?


Welcome one more day to our blog! If you usually read us because you are big fans of outdoor sports, and to know what are the alliances and changes in the vast majority of sports brands, we are sure that today’s article will interest you a lot.

Many of us are concerned about the environment and the need to start implementing sustainability policies, and have you ever wondered if your favorite brands are doing something for this cause? If so, you are in luck because outdoor sports brands are, precisely, some of the most aware of the need to curb pollution and start taking care of our planet.

Many of the most famous brands related to outdoor sports have many programs within their activities that have to do with this. From funding to good sustainable and social causes, to campaigns to promote the use of recycling. But also the absolute awareness to know that they themselves pollute when they have to use water to produce, and as a consequence making decisions to compensate for that bad contribution.

Outdoor sports brands are contributing to the environment, and with that they are not only making the planet a better place. They are also playing a didactic role to a lot of customers who are reading them, and are also learning to have such more responsible habits in the rest of their lives.

We are going to tell you about some of the most conscious brands in the fight against climate change, and the actions they are carrying out. Stay tuned!

Sports brands with sustainable policies

It is obvious that outdoor brands that manufacture all kinds of products for outdoor sports, as well as clothing for such activities, are going to be more aware of the negative impact we have on the nature around us.

But knowing it doesn’t mean doing something to change it, and these eight brands we are going to talk about have been able to invest money and time in programs and ideas that will help preserve natural environments. Let’s take a look at some examples:

The Patagonia brand

This is undoubtedly one of the most committed sports brands to political action to conserve nature of all those that exist. Firstly, because it is permanently carrying out campaigns to raise money for environmental causes. One of the most talked about in recent times was the one that decided that all the money raised from the Black Friday sales, which amounted to 10 million dollars, would go to environmental associations.

But, in fact, this is not even the most important part of the responsibility Patagonia takes in the fight against climate change. It has also developed hundreds of campaigns simply to raise awareness among all those who buy from them and read them to do good things for the planet. One of their most famous campaigns was Worn Wear, in which they managed to convey the importance of recycling and repairing products that are no longer in use in their customers’ homes, in order to give them a second life instead of buying a new one.

The North Face

The second most important brand in the field of outdoor sports is The North Face, and it is also second on the list of brands committed to the environment.

This brand of sportswear and mountain products has done many campaigns to raise enough money for various causes. Mostly they have been focused on being able to finance spaces in the communities of the United States, such as climbing walls in the neighborhoods. Also in making grant programs so that people with fewer resources can have enough to practice this type of sport.

But North Face has also been working for years on the idea of improving the materials it uses to design its clothing. For example, years ago they managed to manufacture their famous raincoats without aggressive chemicals that emit greenhouse gases. And in this line they continue to work with the goal that all their products are finally designed with organic, recycled and responsibly sourced fabrics, something that they assure will come very soon.

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc)

Another good example of an environmentally responsible company is REI, one of the largest outdoor equipment retailers in the United States. They are an example of investing in great causes, such as enabling non-white people to start their own businesses, or providing local grants program to enable people with less access to financial resources to also play sports.

They are also concerned with influencing the brands they work with to use more environmentally friendly materials. In fact, they have a program called Product Impact Standards where their partners must commit to measure the carbon footprint of their products and try to reduce it.

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