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Have you ever heard of Clif Bar? Surely if you are a sports fan it rings a bell, because more than once you have needed one of its famous energy bars to face any route, race or bike ride.

This brand of food and energy drink, founded in 1990 by Gary Erickson, is one of the most popular in the United States, but also in many other countries. The quality of its products, its energetic usefulness to face great efforts when doing sports, and other positive points of its philosophy as a company, are the reason why its economic results have always been so good.

And precisely for this reason, for years there were other large companies that were after the sale of Clif Bar, without succeeding. In fact, in the year 2000, the big company Quaker Oats proposed an offer of no less than 120 million dollars, and Clif Bar decided to reject it.

However, something better awaited him, and it was in 2022 that Clif Bar finally decided to accept an offer. It is the one made by Mondelez International, and it has been for the incredible amount of 2.9 billion dollars. We are going to tell you more about both companies and this transaction that has been the talk of the last few weeks!

Here’s the story behind the Clif&Bar Company brand that’s on everyone’s lips today

The sale of Clif Bar for such a staggering amount of money has made many people wonder why there was so much interest in acquiring this project by large companies such as Mondelez International.

And is that some people know that it is indeed a brand that can be found in many places, especially in sports stores, but little else about why it is so interesting economically.

If we take a look at its history, we will see how Gary Erickson, the founder, decided to create it after having cycled 175 miles, which is just over 250 kilometers. Such a huge amount of miles and exercise and physical effort needed an extra boost of energy, and when Erickson tried to achieve it through some energy bars he had bought, he was deeply disappointed, because they didn’t do much good.

This led him to think about creating his own energy bars, and he started working with his mother in the kitchen, making some double chocolate, apricot or oatmeal, which are his most classic flavors. The company’s name came about in honor of his father, whose name was Clifford. After putting them on sale in bike stores in his town, sales skyrocketed and in just five years it had become one of the most promising projects in the whole country.

And what are the virtues that make it such an interesting acquisition?

It is, logically, a good sign for a brand to be as successful in its early years as Clif Bar was. The idea was good, the quality was good and the market for energy bars was not as widespread as it is today, so everything started to go well and its economic growth was always exponential.

Thus, the reasons that lead a large company like Mondelez International to want to acquire a project like Clif Bar are obvious. Its continued growth, as well as its desire to expand into other important markets such as Canada, makes it the right time to carry out this transaction and a good idea for everyone. On the other hand, Clif Bar has been committed for many years to a plan of sustainability and care for our planet that fits in with the new lines of action of Mondelez International. A few years ago, this large company was questioned for its actions in the Ivory Coast, when it promoted the deforestation of certain parts of the country for the cultivation of chocolate. But today they are committed to improving, helping to contribute to the care of the planet and continue this line of action for years to come.

Facts about Mondelez International, the company that has won Clif Bar’s vrnta

Due to the rejection that Clif Bar has always felt for being sold to other large companies, many people have been surprised that they have finally managed to convince them to become part of a multinational such as Mondelez International.

But… Do you know who Mondelez International is and why it is so interesting for Clif Bar? It happens to be one of the most important conglomerates in the world, of Mexican-American origin. They currently own brands that you are probably very familiar with: Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Toblerone, Milka, Cadbury Dairy Milk or TUC, among many others. And also in the field of chewing gum and candy, there are the Trident, Halls or Chiclets brands, among others.

The great expansion of Mondelez International began when it acquired in 2012 one of the parts of Kraft Foods, Mondelez keeping the corresponding part of the snack brands. Now, aware of the importance that body care and sports are taking in the consumption habits of a large part of society, it has decided to add Clif Bar to combine the connection through the production of chocolate with this new trend for healthy living.

Will this change affect customers and regulars of Clif Bar products?

Many people may be wondering if the sale of Clif Bar and its consequent adhesion to Mondelez International products will affect their prices or distribution. But the reality is that no, neither the customers nor the people who work for this brand are going to see any change in their routine in the coming days and months. The places where Clif Bar products are sold will continue under exactly the same conditions as before the sale, and Mondelez International will only be the major partner of its shares, so that part of the Clif Bar management team will not undergo any change either.

Where there will be changes, probably during the next year, is in the possibility of Clif Bar products being sold in places where they did not exist before. This whole economic operation is intended to expand the market for this brand of energy bars, and in all likelihood people living in other places, such as Canada, will be able to enjoy some of the best chocolates that are optimal for practicing sports and having enough energy to achieve goals. We will be watching to see when this expansion happens, and of course, we will let you know about it.

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