Vista Outdoor buys Fox Racing


This is not the first time we talk about Vista Outdoor and its expansion moves in our blog. As you probably know, it is one of the largest companies selling products related to outdoor sports, also called outdoor sports.

It has been a few years in which online sales, and the increase in outdoor sports plans of society has made great economic progress. This has led to one of the news of the week, and that is that Vista Outdoor is going to buy Fox Racing for 540 million dollars. This is a motocross and mountain biking brand, and is to become the 40th brand to operate under the Vista Outdoor umbrella.

Would you like to know the details of this operation that will revolutionize the world of outdoor sports? What are the reasons that led the two parties to make this decision? Then stay tuned, because we’re going to tell you all about it below. Let’s get to it!

What interest might Vista Outdoor have in acquiring Fox Racing?

The nature of a company like Vista Outdoor is obviously expansive. It is a company based on a conglomerate of small brands, all of them united by their dedication to the world of outdoor sports. And this means that there are now forty sports brands that are part of the Vista Outdoor family, including some of the most famous ones such as Remington, Campchef or Blackburn.

The economic growth of the whole sector related to outdoor sports is indisputable. After an experience like the pandemic, the vast majority of people have begun to get used to making quieter plans, without so much overcrowding, precisely as a result of the restrictions we had for almost two years.

This means that the profits of all the companies related to it do not stop rising. A good example is Vista Outdoor itself, which from the year 2021 to this 2022 in which we are has gone up in sales by an incredible 36.8%. The same trend has Fox Racing, which from 2019 to 2021, especially in the last stretch due to the pandemic, also had a rise in profits of more than 20%.

This rise in profits is giving Vista Outdoor the ability to invest for further growth. And, in the words of CEO Chris Metz, there was no better way to do that than by adding Fox Racing. This is a brand that has had an excellent reputation since the 1970s, when it first started out. Its materials are very familiar to Vista Outdoor, which works with other of the most famous motocross and mountain bike brands such as Krash or Giro, among others. Likewise their way of working, and of promoting the sales of items also through the online world, fit perfectly in line with what Vista Outdoor is looking for.

Advantages to be gained by Fox Racing when purchased by Vista Outdoor

We don’t know much about the negotiations and how long it took Fox Racing to make this decision. But, at least from what we can gather from the statements of Jeffrey McGuane, its CEO, it has been excellent news for the company.

Their wishes are, it seems, to be able to continue to grow and reach more and more consumers around the world. With the possibility of having more economic flow thanks to now being part of the Vista Outdoor company, they are going to establish strategies to open their market to many other places, where their now partner has already been established for a long time.

In his statements he praises the possibility of joining the synergies of both companies in order to continue expanding and creating products that reach more and more people. And all this, without having to give up practically nothing, since Vista Outdoor will respect its identity as a brand and its customer base.

It is also important to add that both the director and the entire executive team of Fox Racing will remain the same despite the purchase by Vista Outdoor, and therefore, in terms of customer relationship with the brand, there will be no difference. On the contrary, the brand will be able to reach more people who perhaps, due to location, could not have access to Fox Racing products.

Don’t forget that Vista Outdoor is publicly traded and reported a profit of $3040 million in revenue for the 2022 fiscal year. With the purchase of Fox Racing alone, profits are going to increase immediately, according to the studies they conducted before making the decision.

If you are wondering, finally, when the two companies will merge and become part of each other, we can't know for sure, but in all likelihood we will have to wait until 2023. The financial transaction is large, and Vista Outdoor is currently seeking a combination of a $600 million revolving credit facility and a $350 million secured term loan facility.

If you follow with interest the news related to outdoor sports companies… Did you expect that at some point Fox Racing will become part of the Vista Outdoor group of companies? Do you think that probably the list of other companies that are also dedicated to this field will continue to grow in the near future?

In either case, we will continue to inform you of all the news regarding Vista Outdoor and its expansion. Also, of course, about many other companies that are dedicated to this niche, because this way you will have the possibility to know if something is going to change when it comes to consuming this type of products.

Thank you very much for reading us one more day!

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