Expansion continues: Vista Outdoor buys Simms


Welcome one more day to our blog! Where once again one of the most talked-about outdoor sports companies in recent times is back in the spotlight: Vista Outdoor.

After having separated its two main activities, as we told you, it continues its expansion process by partnering with other smaller companies that will be part of its list of permanent associates. This time the news is that Vista Outdoor is acquiring Simms, one of the most famous companies in the world in fishing products.

We are used to seeing the brands that are part of Vista Outdoor, and they are usually more related to the mountain, hiking and camping, although also recently with motorcycles and bicycles. But its strategy is being firm and confident, and now it has also added fishing to its capabilities in the United States and, increasingly, in Europe.

What were the motivations that led you to decide that it was time to acquire Simms Fishing Products? What were the details of the economic decision and why this also benefits Simms? We’re going to tell you all the details, so stay tuned to find out!

What is the history and features of Simms Fishing Products?

Simms is a company that has a long history in the world of fishing. It was born in 1980 and since the beginning it has specialized in all kinds of products to carry out the activity of fishing. These are rods and products to carry out the whole process, but also comfortable and technical clothing and special boots.

Its current CEO, KC Walsh, has been in office since 1993, always having as a central objective for the brand a very clear philosophy that unites the passion for the activity with the care for the preservation of the nature that surrounds it.

This makes Simms has always been a unique brand in its field, where often other brands are much more traditionalist and do not have that point of care and awareness about sustainability. At the same time, and you probably know this if you have read attentively other articles related to the extension of Vista Outdoor, this is one of the points that most interests the large conglomerate company of different outdoor sports brands.

The link between all the brands it houses is probably this new awareness of the need to care for the planet. It is something that it is beginning to demand of its next and future partners, and is part of its idea of continuing to grow.

But in addition to this commonality, Simms Fishing products is interesting for many other reasons. As with the general trend of outdoor sports brands, its financial earnings have risen sharply over the last period of time.

In fact, it is estimated that from the end of 2019 to 2021 it increased by more or less 15% its earnings. This is mostly because of that general trend that has led people to decide to do more activities outdoors than indoors in the wake of the pandemic. But, obviously, it is also because Simms has managed to do things right, and become an interesting brand for all those who love fishing and who also need that ecological awareness from their trusted brands.

Some details of how the acquisition by Vista OutDoor Inc has been carried out.

Are you interested in the more mathematical details of the whole operation? Well, here we go with the data we know! At the moment, it seems that the figure with which the acquisition by Vista Outdoor of Simms has been closed is 192.5 million dollars. Despite the huge investment involved, Vista Outdoor estimates that the transaction will start to produce large profits from 2024 onwards.

This is in terms of the timing of the start of the benefits account, but the actual acquisition of Simms by Vista Outdoor will be for the year 2023. The latter has decided that the purchase will be made through an existing ABL credit line, for which they will need to make the necessary corrections and therefore Simms will not become part of its list of forty collaborators until next year.

For regular and not so regular customers of Simms Fishing Products, and if they are worried that things will change in the usual method of working, shipping and promotion of products by Sims, they can rest assured. One of the reasons why so many outdoor brands are choosing to become part of the Vista Outdoor family is precisely because it gives them the ability to maintain the same relationships with their customers.

In the best of cases, people who know of Simms’ existence but have not been able to have access to its products because they live in places other than the United States, it is possible that soon and thanks to this union with Vista Outdoor they will also be able to have access to future purchases.

And that’s it for today. We hope you like the fact that we are continuously updating you about the activity of the most known outdoor sport companies. If you are interested in other news that have come to you on this subject, and we have not talked about it … You can contact us and we will make an article about it!

See you in the next post!

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